What tasks can ATD perform for my firm?
How much do ATD’s services cost?
Where is ATD located?
Will my project be managed by a lawyer?
How will my firm save money by working with ATD?
Does using ATD mean a compromise in quality?
Who will be working on my projects?
Who should I contact for further information?

ATD can provide the following Services to its clients:

ATD will provide you with an estimated budget and timeline at the beginning of each project based upon an agreed scope to provide you and your clients with certainty up front.

While our head office is located in downtown Toronto, we serve the needs of law firms and businesses, both large and small, throughout Canada and the United States.

Yes. Without exception, ATD project managers are all experienced Canadian lawyers.

You will receive top quality work from experienced lawyers in a timely manner and may avoid many costs such as:

Working with ATD will also free up your time which can be used:

Quite the opposite. ATD allows you to focus on the big picture while remaining confident that we are taking care of the rest. Ultimately your clients will receive greater focus on all aspects of their business at a lower overall cost.

You can rest assured knowing that your work will always be completed by qualified Canadian lawyers. This also helps to ensure that your confidentiality and privilege are maintained to the highest professional standards.

For more information, please Contact Us at [REDACTED]